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Popcorn Salt 028

Popcorn Salt 028


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Something Special From Wisconsin
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Try Popcorn Salt Gourmet Pleasoning on your next batch of popcorn. You'll fall in love with its great salty taste and there isn't any bitterness or aftertaste (like other "light salts"). Sticks better to popcorn than other plain popcorn salts. Goes great with low-sodium butter! Make your next movie night even more enjoyable with our gourmet Popcorn Salt. 

Our Popcorn Salt Pleasoning® contains 78% less sodium than table salt with only 130 mg of sodium per 1/4 tsp. (table salt contains 590 mg sodium per 1/4 tsp.)

Buy the larger sizes and Save!
Save up to 40% per ounce on our Family Size*
Save up to 75% per ounce on Bulk Size*
*compared to table size

Ingredients: SALT, GROUND GRAINS (wheat, corn, rice or barley), NATURAL FLAVOR.

Pleasoning Gourmet Seasoning is proud to be a family owned and operated business, located in La Crosse, Wisconsin since 1952. Be sure to check out the "about us" tab to see our history. We are proud that all our seasoning blends are "all natural" and are recommended by Dietitians and Doctors all over the United States for those on low-sodium diets. 

Sizes: 2.6 oz., 12 oz., 4 lb.

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