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Dietician/Clinic Information

Dietitians and Docters throughout the United States are recommending PLEASONING® Gourmet Seasonings to their patients who have to watch their sodium intake. Our seasonings can help your clients watch their sodium while giving them some great tastes on their food. Some blends actually have a nice flavor of salt, but still have a low sodium sodium content!

We do not use Potassium Chloride in any PLEASONING® product. The Tricalcium Phosphate (used in some of our blends) is for anti-caking and is used in such small amounts that when tested for phosphorus comes up N/A.

We would like to send you sample shakers of 4 of our blends for you to use in your office when talking to your clients about low-sodium diets. The 4 blends are: Tasty 2, Mini-Mini Salt®, Salt Free Herbal and All-Purpose PLEASONING®.
If your clients use our Mini-Mini Salt® by PLEASONING® at the table, in place of table salt, they would be getting only 110mg sodium per 1/4 tsp. compared to table salt at 590mg sodium per 1/4 tsp. Mini-Mini Salt® by PLEASONING® has an amazing salty taste without the bitterness of other “light” salts!

If you would like to receive the 4 sample shakers please email us at Be sure to put DIETITIAN INFO on the subject line. Give us your name, title, clinic or hospital name and address. You can also call us at 800-279-1614.