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Bakers Dozen (the Symphony) 033

Bakers Dozen (the Symphony) 033

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This combo is truly a “Symphony For Your Tongue”! You can season anything! Any appetizer or snack, beef, pork, poultry, seafood or wild game. Sauces and marinades. Did we miss dessert? Apples, peaches, pies and ice cream. Drinks anyone? When you have the mighty 13 and your imagination, creativity and recipes with gourmet flavor are endless! Don’t think of the name, think of the flavor (ie., any seasoning blend with burgers, Chicken Pleasoning with seafood, Pork Pleasoning with chicken, Chili Pleasoning with country-style ribs)!

13 for the price of 12!

A $57.80 value if bought separately

Table Size Shakers of: All-Purpose, Chili, Frank's Blend, Italian, Pork, Bar-B-Que, Seafood, Steak 'n' Game, Greek, Taco, Garlic Salt, Mini-Mini Salt and Chicken!

Pleasoning Gourmet Seasoning is proud to be a family owned and operated business, located in La Crosse, Wisconsin since 1952. Be sure to check out the "about us" tab to see our history. We are proud that all our seasoning blends are "all natural" and are recommended by Dietitians and Doctors all over the United States for those on low-sodium diets. 

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